Skin nano: the DIY skin for your iPod nano

Another DIY project from our readers: a fully functional-interchanghable skin for your iPod nano that you can cut and assemble at home.

Michele Monopoli is a young student of Industrial Design at “Politecnico di Bari”, Italy and has put together a simple but efficient project to build up a rugged and elegant do-it-yourself skin for the iPod Nano.

Using a packaging cardboard (the one used for little gift boxes – see the pictures) you can cut the outside applying the cut guides and carve out the holes for the screen, the headphone and the clickwheel.
Fold the sides and apply some glue and you have the final product with little expense and good looking result. Slide in the iPod from the top, add, if you want a small acetate sheet on the front to better protect the clickwheel and the screen and here you go!

The skins protects the nano from scratches but don’t use it with wet hands!
Anyway it’s economically and easily interchangeable and you can build a series of them to spare.

You can download the cutsheet with pictures and instructions simply clicking on this link (it’s a 1.2 Mb pdf zipped archive)

Please refer to this page and not directly to the archive because we could transfer it on a new server in the next few weeks.