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  1. Hi peeps, I have a Macbook pro retina 15 and i'm in need of a bag. Ideally I want something to protect the laptop (duh) and hold all my accessories, currently i'm using a sleeve and another bag, not ideal. I want either a backpack, or a shoulder bag to hold all usual items keep with my laptop. This includes; Macbook pro retina 15 Over-ear headphones 2x Smartphones (S6 + S7 edge) Misc cables (mini\micro usb, phono cable, etc) Memory cards (various sizes) Power brick (240w laptop) Power brick (smartphone, fits both phones) 2x WD My Passport HDD Keys (doorkeys + car keys) Now the irony is i want something compact as possible. I need something i could take on a plane or train without fuss, and something I wouldn't mind carrying about day to day (I had a large camera bag in the past took it no where, downsized with the same gear, more infact more gear and took it everywhere) So, help me to choose from those 2 variants: First Backpack (Cozistyle backpack): Second Backpack (Incase backpack): Which one is better? How do you think? Any another ideas welcome!