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Salve, mi sono iscritto al Mac developer program e dopo aver seguito le istruzioni per aggiungere la mia app sul Mac App store come spedisco l'applicazione via xcode o via "Application loader" mi arriva una mail con scritto :

Unfortunately we discovered an issue with your binary that you will need to correct in order for your application to proceed to the review stage. The specific issue is outlined below:

Invalid Signature - This error occurs when you have signed your app's installer incorrectly. There are two certs required for this process: the "3rd Party Mac Developer Application" cert and the "3rd Party Mac Developer Installer" cert. When signing your package, you need to ensure that you are using the Installer cert to sign your package. Ensure that you are specifying this cert when submitting your app via the Xcode Organizer or when running productbuild from the command line.

ma io quei 2 certificati ("3rd Party Mac Developer Installer e 3rd Party Mac Developer Application") li ho nel portachiavi.. mi aiutate a risolvere?

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