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Ho riesumato il mio vecchio G4 per dargli una rinfrescata, ho acquistati MAX POWER Processor Upgrades G4 7447a, mi viene inviato assieme un CD con il nuovo firmware da installare prima

di montare il processore, seguo il procedimento alla lettera ma non me lo accetta.

Se chi è più preparato di me (non ci vuole molto) mi sa dire se

sbaglio o se probabilmente non va bene per il mio Mac.


Allego dati del mio Mac e parte manuale installazione.

Power Max G4 Grafici AGP

Power Mac 3,1

CPU Power PC G4 2,7


L2 Cache per CPU 1 MB

Memoria 768 mb

Bus 100mhz

Boot Rom 4.2.8 f1


Compatible OS Versions:

Mac OS 9.2.2 or Mac OS X 10.3.5 (or later) is required for all models.

Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later is recommended.

This package contains:

• Newer Technology MAXPower G4 upgrade card, heat sink with fan and power connector

• CD-ROM with manual and firmware installation

Pre-Installation Instructions:

Before proceeding, refer to the illustrations in this manual to familiarize yourself with the Newer Technology MAXPower G4 processor card. The Newer Technology MAXPower G4 card plugs into a socket on the motherboard of the Mac. Your Mac may vary slightly from the illustrations; don’t panic! It is not difficult.

Before installing your card, if you plan to use OS9 (actually boot from OS 9, as opposed to running Classic in OS X) you must remove the CPU Plugins file from the “/System Folder/Extensions/Multiprocessing/†folder after booting using the original CPU.

Firmware Update:

IMPORTANT: This upgrade REQUIRES theNewer Technology 7447A Firmware Updateprovided on CD or it WILL NOT WORK.

1. Your computer must have the latest Apple Boot ROM version for your particular model of G4.

2. To determine what version Apple Boot ROM your computer has, run Apple System Profiler (System Profiler in OS X) and look under Hardware Overview.

3. If your computer has an earlier version than what is listed below, download the latest version and follow the instructions.

AGP, Gigabit Ethernet: Apple Boot ROM version 4.2.8

If you need to update, version 4.2.8 firmware is available here:

Power Mac G4 Firmware Update 4.2.8: Information and Download

4. Insert the Newer Technology Firmware Update CD into the CD-Rom drive.

Please make sure you use 7447A Firmware Update 3.1b5 or higher.

5. Shut down your Mac.

Page 3

6. While you press and hold the programmer’s button, press the Power button to start up your Mac. You will hear a long tone. Once the tone starts, you can let go of the programer’s button, and immediately press and hold the “C†key. This will tell the Mac to boot from the Newer Technology Firmware Update CD.

7. The Firmware Enabler CD boot screen will appear and you will see the following:


NewerTech 7457/7447A/7448 Enabler 3.1b5

Copyright © 2003-06 by Newer Technology, Inc. All rights Reserved.


Mapping flash and mirroring in RAM . . .

Identifying flash. . .

Identified Micron B1 Bottom flash.

Validating flash images. . .

Identifying which areas of ROM need to be patched.

Identifying which patches have been installed.

Please select an option from the following menu:

1. Apply 7457/7447A/7448 enabler patch (7457/7447A/7448 CPUs will not boot).

2. Apply PLL patch (Apple System Profiler should report correct CPU speeds).

3. Apply L3CR extended ratios patch (L3 cache ratios above 6:1 will work).

4. Apply thermal fan control patch (Fan will turn on only when necessary).

5. Apply all patches

6. Set up NVRAM for booting into Mac OS 9.

7. Set up NVRAM for booting into Mac OS X.

8. Shut down.


8. Select option 5 from the above choices. You will see a notice that verifies the flash has burned successfully.

Mac OS X Compatibility:

9. Press “7†to enable Mac OS X compatibility. After a few seconds, the NVRAM will be updated.

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