First PowerPC 7448 CPU Upgrade

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First PowerPC 7448 CPU Upgrade for Mac Ships!

Daystar announces shipment of the first XLR8 brand, Apple PowerBook 7448

Upgrade at 1.83 GHz... using Freescale's newest 7448 PowerPC CPUs!

Atlanta, Georgia, March 5, 2006 Daystar Technology, the original Mac Performance Shop, delivered another new milestone in both CPU upgrades and PowerBook speed today. The company announced a new 7448 based CPU upgrade for the PowerBook G4 1.67. The "XLR8 MAChSpeed 7448 Aluminum" is a factory installed upgrade, and will be widely available within the next month.

The first "customer" upgrade has shipped to Mr. Lasse Kvernmo, as a "pre-release" edition of the forthcoming product. Mr. Kvermmo is using his new 1.83 GHz 7448 PowerBook as an audio/video workhorse within the entertainment industry.

Newest PowerBook Only (1.67 GHz).

The 7448 upgrade is limited to the PowerBook 1.67 GHz series only. This limitation is due to hardware restrictions within the PowerBook, which prevent the use of the 7448 in earlier systems. The upgrade also requires Mac OSX 10.4.4 or later.

Notizia interessante direi, bel upgrade per i nostri PB

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