Scolorimento MacBook dopo circa un mese


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Stavo per citarlo anche io ... :-)

Ecco un passo interessante ...


Meanwhile, one MacBook owner took complaints about his notebook's discoloration and "odd fan noises" directly to an employee at the company's Brea, Calif. retail store and was pleasantly surprised with the response.

"He didn't even look at the MacBook to see the discolorations, he just gave me a new one," the customer wrote in a post on Apple's MacBook support forums. "I was so impressed that I used the money I was planning on using to pay restocking fees and invested into the applecare 3 year warranty."

The orange-ish discoloration has been affecting the palm rest and other areas of some of the new Intel-based Apple notebooks. Users around the Web have reported that the first signs of the issue appear after 2-3 weeks of use, on both the white 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz models.


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ciao domitia! hai provato con una gomma da cancellare a vedere quello che succede= se magari si riesce a togliere un pochino? a me francamente questa plastica non mi ha proprio convinto dal primo momento che l'ho vista come ho anche scritto nel post precendente!

fammi sapere ciao!

ovviamente intendo una gomma da cancellare!

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