E il whine forse è sparito

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Apple’s new ‘whine-free’ MacBook Pro logic board

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 - 10:44 AM EDT

"Last week I received a new revision of the logic board that actually got rid of all whine! According to my service provider that did the repair this revision was brand new, only a few days old," Rickard Almqvist reports over on MacInTouch.

"With the new logic board Apple also sent new installation DVDs needed to make a new install with the new logic board. They contained 10.4.6 instead of 10.4.5 that the computer was delivered with,"Almqvist reports. "I took a picture of Apple's letter. To summarize: The new logic board got rid of all whine!"

Transcript of relevant portion of Apple's letter:

New version MLB installed. While repairing your MacBook Pro, Apple installed a different version of the Main Logic Board (MLB).



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Il whine c'è anche su computer di altre marche. Vedi acer & company che usano processori intel.

Finalmente l'hanno risolto per fortuna :D

non mi risulta, avevo un centrino prima e non ronzava..

il problema è di Apple, dato che con windows le sue macchine non ronzano :)

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