Ho installato Undercover su Intel


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Mi pare un ottimo programma di protezione a prezzo ragionevole ma c'è un problema con Intel (almeno per me). Su processori PPC era possibile attivare Open Firmwire per impedire il disinstallo dell'applicazione e molte altre cose (tipo la formattazione o il riavvio da cd ed altro da parte dei "*****", sugli Intel non è possibile. Allego la mail speditami dopo l'acquisto (la parte che mi interessa è "Fully secure your mac" ed il link apple sull'Openfirmwire.

Se qualcuno conosce una valida alternativa per ampliare la funzionalità protettiva di Undercover sugli Intel in caso di furto sarei molto grato.


"Dear customer,

You have successfully set up and registered Undercover. The fact that you are getting this e-mail means that Undercover is running properly on your computer. From now on, it will continuously monitor your Mac.

In case of theft

In case of theft, please send us the Undercover ID you'll find below. You can do this by e-mail ([email protected]) by phone (+32 486 999036) or by fax (+32 16 405624). We will then add your Mac's Undercover ID to our database of stolen Macs, which will trigger Undercover on your stolen Mac. As soon as you let us know that your Mac has been stolen, we will contact you to work out all the details. We recommend to print this e-mail and keep it for further reference! Undercover ID for this Mac:


Fully secure your Mac

To make sure Undercover cannot be uninstalled or deleted by erasing your HD, you can install the Apple firmware password utility. This Apple-made tool prevents anyone from booting your Mac from another disk than the current startup disk, unless they know the firmware password. To summarize: you will still be able to boot from another startup disk (to erase your HD, or to do a clean install of OS X) but a thief won't because he does not know your firmware password. You can find the firmware password utility on your Mac OS X Tiger DVD (in /Applications/Utilities/ on the DVD). For more information, please refer to Apple's knowledge base.

Another hint

We recommend our users to create a dummy account that does not require a password. This way, the thief will be able to use your Mac to go online, which will trigger Undercover. Because this separate dummy account has no admin privileges, the thief will not have access to any of your personal files. To create another account on your Mac, go to the System Preferences and click the Accounts icon. Then click the + button.

Thanks again for using Undercover!

The Orbicule team."



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Questo thread è un po' vecchio ma siccome volevo prendere undercover anche io sono interessato.

A leggere questo

ntel-based Macintosh computers can be protected by firmware passwords as well. The firmware in an Intel-based computer uses Extended Firmware Interface (EFI) technology—Open Firmware is used in computers that use PowerPC processors.

da qui http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106482

Pare che funzioni anche con piattaforma intel, quali sono i problemi??

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