Jobs: 5 anni di Ipod


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Now people at some labels think that iTunes, with its dominant market share has too much power.

We've never once gone to them and asked them to lower their prices.

No, but you've asked them not to raise their prices, when some of them wanted to.

Our core initial strategy on the store was that if you want to stop piracy, the way to stop it is by competing with it, by offering a better product at a fair price. In essence, we would make a deal with people. If they would pay a fair price, we would give them a better product and they would stop being pirates. And it worked. If we go back now and we raise prices—this is what we told the record companies last year—we will be violating that implicit deal. Many [users] will say, "I knew it all along that the music companies were gonna screw me, and now they're screwing me." And they would never buy anything from iTunes again.

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Questo dovrebbe essere come ragiona ogni commerciale onesto e furbo... faccio un buon prodotto ad un buon prezzo e niente sorprese nascoste per i clt.

Le case discografiche non rientrano nemmeno vagamente in questa tipologia... se solo potessero verrebbero a rubarci i soldi dal materasso.


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