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nuova build per Leopard (9a303)

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Nella news non c'è il changelog, lo aggiungo qui di seguito:




- Finder hangs due to network connectivity issues have been reduced

- As a precaution, please backup your Portable Home Directory

before using FileSync

- Many peformance related bugs have been fixed across the system

- Timbuktu and Eudora no longer crash on launch

- Safari's bug reporting is now fixed

- Performance improvements in the initial Time Machine backup




- Upgrades from previous seeds are not supported

- Upgrades from previous releases are not recommended

- Configurations with ATI Radeon or Radeon 7500 graphics cards will not

be able to use this seed

- Airport cards not recognized on some of the newst Core 2 Duo

MacBook Pros

- 32/64 bit universal apps built with 10.5 deployment target will now run

as 32-bit on Tiger.

- Can't print to HP raster printers

- Can't login initially after enabling FileVault protection for an account.

Wait several minutes and try again to workaround.

- System Trash still shows deleted items until a reboot

- Volumes in the Time Machine Pref pane are all named Volume. Quitting

and relaunching System Preferences should workaround this.

- Image Capture fails to recognize USB devices on PPC

- Memory leaks when using CoreData's NSManagedObject. This can been

seen when sycing files.


- Automatic iDisk syncing is not currently working. Please sync manually.

- PHD syncing may generate false conflicts


- File transfers result in an error

- QuickTime not working with iChat Theater

Quick Look

- Album art downloaded by iTunes 7 is not displayed in the music preview

- Slideshow (aka Fullscreen from the Quick Look preview panel) doesn't

work for most types

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