Guitar Rig 2: nel mio MBP non vede l'input audio


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Questo problema è stato risolto....

per chi avesse lo stesso problema.......

For those of you that want to use guitar rig .. stand alone, with your macbook / pro, imac's built in sound card. Here's what you do:

1) Go in yo your Apps -> Utilities Folder -> select sound/midi

In the menu bar -> select audio -> select open aggregate device editor

2) To add a new aggregate device -> select + when the menu in the pop up menu

3) In the menu check off -> built in output and built in input. Do NOT select microphone! Press done when finished.

3) Launch Guitar Rig, in the prefences pop up menu select aggregate device as your output and input device.

Note to macbook / pro users:

Our built in sound card is decent enough run guitar rig without unbearable high level of latency. However the impedance on the input is nearly not enough to handle your guitar pickups voltage. Resulting in extremly low, fuzz, distorted input levels. A simple way to solve this problem is to run it to preamp, or a mixer and than to the input of your macbook. However this still does not solve the latency issues.

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