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WWDC '07 Che cosa ci aspetta???

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Fine del brushed metal

10:20 am No more brushed metal interface

10:20 am folders in the dock, they expand to show contents

10:19 am consistent looks, made axctive window more prominet

10:19 am prominent active window

10:19 am Desktop is "more suited" to your own digital photos. The dock, more 3-D in nature, swoops out over new pictures, new semi-transparent menu bar, and "stacks" to clean up desktop.

10:19 am Dock sporting new 3D look

Stacks - all of us have messy desktops

10:19 am Looks transpararent in menu bar & Dock - dock is narrower

10:18 am New Feature - new Desktop

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10:22 am planning a vacation

10:22 am showing qt videos from stack

10:22 am opens safari, shows reflections of dock icons when window goes behind dock

10:21 am Stacks demo:

Newest doc goes on front of stack

10:21 am Stacks fan out from dock, or pop up in a grid

Default stack called "Downloads" which will stay in the Dock

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