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Problemi con firewire e OS X 10.2 e successivi

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Ho un G3 B&W Yosemite di primissima generazione. Il mio masterizzatore Qps Que! Fire non funziona più con OS X 10.2.8 né con 10.3.9, mentre continua a lavorare perfettamente con Toast 4.1.2 e Mac OS 8.6. Dopo un po' di ricerche ho trovato questa notizia nelle faq del sito della Qps:

Since I upgraded to OS 10.2 or later on my Blue and White G3 my recording software can find the drive but the system always locks up during the burn, what is the problem?

Many of our customers have seen similar issues with their firewire drives on B&W G3 systems after upgrading to 10.2 and later. It looks like the problem is a communication issue between the firewire support in the newer versions of OS X and the old firewire controllers that were used on the firewire ports on these units. A few of our customers told us that Apple told them they needed a driver to correct the problem but there is no driver that can improve the capabilities of these older ports. You may be able to get around this by attaching the drive to a firewire pci card since then the drive would run off of the firewire controllers on the card instead of the ones on the motherboard. Many of our customers have said it worked for them, so it may be a work around for the problem.

Ora chiedo: nel caso avessi bisogno di utilizzare altre periferiche firewire, c'è rischio che si presentino gli stessi inconvenienti di comunicazione con i "vecchi" (sic!) controllers delle porte firewire del mio G3?

Possibile che un simile problema non sia stato risolto con aggiornamenti del system?

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