Ma ad ottobre insieme a Leopard la Apple farà uscire un nuovo Macbook?

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Il macbook ha lo schermo da 13", ma immagino che questo non cambi di molto la tua posizione. Al tuo posto magari penserei ad un Macbook pro ricondizionato o magari meglio ad un Macbook pro nuovo (residuo di magazzino) di penultima generazione che girando tra i vari resellers si può trovare. Prima dell'estate avevo trovato un macbook pro 17" nuovo con core2duo 2.16 e Ati radeon 1600 a 2100 euro (600 in meno del modello che lo aveva sostituito). Fatti un giro per negozi, forse trovi qualcosa

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ragazzi forse è giunta l'ora da macrumors che è abbastanza affidabile... :P

New Apple MacBook on Tuesday? GMA X3100?

Sunday October 28, 2007 10:00 PM EST

Posted by arn

Mac Rumors

According to sources, the wheels are in motion for Apple to deliver new MacBook updates as early as this Tuesday. While an exact date has been hard to determine, MacBook updates are expected within the next week, with evidence pointing to Tuesday.

This confirms previous rumors from ThinkSecret that Apple would introduce a new MacBook by "the first half of November". Sadly, few details on the upcoming machines are presently available.

Apple's Leopard update, however, has revealed drivers for the newer Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics chip. This is the successor to the Intel GMA 950 which currently resides in the existing MacBooks. This would suggest that the next MacBook will see an upgrade to the Santa Rosa chipset. This, however, remains speculative. The driver, however, appears functional and works when used on a PC laptop with the X3100 chipset.

The MacBook was last updated in May of 2007.

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