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chiunque abbia visto gli special de "Il Signore degli Anelli" avrà notato che il regista (il mitico Peter Jackson) non si separa mai dal suo fido PowerBook, computer che compare in mano anche a molti altri elementi della sua squadra (oltre a vari G4 desktop qui e là)

tra l'altro la famosa trilogia ha usato per gli effetti speciali il software "shake" di casa Apple, portandosi a casa l'Oscar nella categoria; anche se per ragione di costi la Weta digital utilizza hardware da poco costo: boxes Linux on Intel...

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Non c'entra tanto ma poco fa ho visto su ITA1 una replica di Closer, nuovo serial andato in onda ieri sera. Ebbene ad un certo punto un tipo interrogato cita Steven P. Jobs che è maniaco dei microbi e indossa solo certe maglie e certi jenas, usa la tastiera con i guanti in lattice ma è un genio... da morir dal ridere! :D

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Un tipo... :D

Steven P. Jobs was born in 1955. He was an orphan and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. They lived in Mountain View, California.Jobs attended the Homestead High School in Cupertino, CA.Jobs worked one summer for Hewlett-Packard where he first met Stephen Wozniak. Wozniak was at that time working on a "blue box", which allowed the user to make free long-distance calls.Jobs helped Wozniak to sell some of them.In 1972 Jobs graduated at the Homestead High School and went to the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He wasn't successful, had to give up after half an year, and continued with studies on philosophy.In 1974 he worked for Atari as a game programmer. The money he saved with this job, he spent on a trip to India, where he searched for spiritual enlightnement.In autum he returned and joined Wozniak's "Homebrew Computer Club". Jobs convinced Wozniak to invent and to produce the first personal computer. For this reason they needed their own firm. Apple was born.Apple grew and grew and Jobs became a successful businessman. But in 1983 IBM launched the IBM PC, a dangerous competitor to Apple. The Macintosh was launched in response to the IBM PC. John Sculley reduced the influence of Jobs and he left Apple in 1985.After he had left Apple he founded NextStep, he produced both, hardware and software. Because the hardware was incompatible with existing machines he wasn't successful. But the software saved the firm and NextStep, the operating system is still sold.
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