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Carissimi utenti Mac, volevo un'informazione: i programmi espeak e beep (che dovrebbero esistere anche in versione MacOS X) sono già installati nel sistema? Per espeak sono installate anche le voci italiane? Se non lo sapete e volete farmi un piacere aprite il terminale e scrivete quanto segue:

espeak "i will kill ya"

espeak -v it "ti ucciderò haa haa haa"


...e poi tornate qui e ditemi cos'è successo. Se il vostro computer vi ha minacciato di morte non preoccupatevi, non è magia nera.

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Ti incollo in man

SAY(1)                     Speech Synthesis Manager                     SAY(1)NNAAMMEE       say - Convert text to audible speechSSYYNNOOPPSSIISS           say [-v voice] [-o out.aiff | -n name:port ] [-f file | string ...]DDEESSCCRRIIPPTTIIOONN       This tool uses the Speech Synthesis manager to convert input text to       audible speech and either play it through the sound output device       chosen in System Preferences or save it to an AIFF file.OOPPTTIIOONNSS       _s_t_r_i_n_g           Specify the text to speak on the command line. This can consist of           multiple arguments, which are considered to be separated by spaces.       --ff _f_i_l_e           Specify a file to be spoken. If _f_i_l_e is _- or neither this parameter           nor a message is specified, read from standard input.       --vv _v_o_i_c_e           Specify the voice to be used. Default is the voice selected in           System Preferences.       --oo _o_u_t_._a_i_f_f           Specify an AIFF file to be written.       --nn _n_a_m_e       --nn _n_a_m_e_:_p_o_r_t       --nn _:_p_o_r_t       --nn _:           Specify a service name (default "AUNetSend") and/or IP port to be           used for redirecting the speech output through AUNetSend.       If the input is a TTY, text is spoken line by line, and the output       file, if specified, will only contain audio for the last line of the       input.  Otherwise, text is spoken all at once.EERRRROORRSS       ssaayy returns 0 if the text was spoken successfully, otherwise non-zero.       Diagnostic messages will be printed to standard error.1.0                               2007-05-11                            SAY(1)
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