AIUTO! iMac G3 DV 400 morto... sarà da buttare?


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Alcuni consigli pratici:

- è meglio evitare di fare riparazioni la sera.

- è meglio leggere a fondo le pagine di consigli:

Andy Skuse

I am a certified Apple technician, and have resolved this issue for several iMacs in our shop. Let me first start off by saying DO NOT ZAP THE PRAM. This could make the problem worse. Also, this affects people trying to install 10.2 onto their iMac as well, not just 10.3.

Apple does provide documentation at their website about this issue:iMac Firmware Update 4.1.9: Information and Download...but there should have been a proper halt warning in the install process that would disallow the Mac OS X installation from even starting once it had detected the firmware was out-of-date, and then warn the user that the firmware needs to be upgraded first to 4.1.9 (slot-load) or 1.2 (tray-load).

On the positive side, all of the iMacs that have come into our shop so far for this problem were fixed.

For a detailed description of why this problem happens and how to resolve the issue properly without further damage to your iMac please visit this excellent website if you have Internet access on another computer: Welcome to the iMac CRT video/firmware problem page


Dave Woodfill

Many have noted zapping the PRAM as a fix for this issue. DO NOT ZAP YOUR PRAM! IT WILL TOAST YOUR ANALOG VIDEO BOARD! There is a work around involving pulling your ram and resetting PMU that should work around it. No I'm not making that up, I'm an authorized tech, like so many people posting here. PRAM does fix a lot of problems, but when you're experiencing this specific issue the last thing you wanna do is zap your pram.

Dal terzo link che ho fornito:

C'è un modo di ingannare la scheda analogica via hardware, utilizzando un vecchio cavo floppy di Mac storici.

Questo tipo l'ha fatto:

Purtroppo, la pagina che descriveva nel dettaglio come fare (con tanto di connessioni) non è più disponibile.

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