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io non ho capito bene come si collega all'antenna e al mac il 250 Plus.. qualcuno mi sa illuminare?

grazie ciao!

Trovi come fare nel sito elgato:How do I setup the EyeTV 250 Plus with my Mac and video source?

EyeTV 250 Plus is designed to be simple to setup and use.

To ensure that all aspects of the EyeTV 250 Plus are understood, here is a discussion of the hardware.

Posted Image

The front of the EyeTV 250 Plus has a dark window, covering the IR receiver and power light. It also has a round connector with many holes, used for the special video break out cable.

Posted Image

This white cable has red and white composite connectors for audio. Use these audio connections, along with either the yellow composite video connector, or S-Video input.

The opposite end of the EyeTV 250 Plus has a mini USB connector, and the appropriate USB 2.0 cable is included. Connect this USB 2.0 cable to an USB 2.0 port built in to your Mac.

It also has a tuner input, with a connector for a coaxial cable. That’s usually the sort of cable that antenna/aerial services us, or cable TV. If you have one of those services, then connect your cable there. The appearance of that coaxial input will vary, depending on if you are in North America (screw on) or Europe/Australia (slip on).

The power adapter connects to a small hole on the back of the unit. EyeTV 250 Plus has a blue light, that will illuminate to indicate if it’s on (plugged into the power adapter or into USB port) or off.

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