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Simply install just like you would firefox. Enjoy. :)

Mozilla has begun work on their next generation with some exciting new features.

*Sanatize- Quicky clear Browsing History, Saved Form Information, Saved Passwords,

Download History, Cookies, and Cache. All of which can be assigned a keyboard shortcut.

*Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance.

*Improvements to popup blocking

*Better support for Mac OS X (10.2 and greater)

*Several security enhancements

*Software update system to streamline product upgrades (currently disabled)

*When viewing images, tab icons now display thumbnails of the displayed image.

*FTP users are now prompted to input a name and password if anonymous access fails.

*Users now have a simple tool for reporting websites that aren't working in Firefox.

If installed (Reporter is a custom install option for this release) the tool can be

accessed from "Report Broken Website" on the Firefox Help menu.

*Changes made in the Preferences window now apply immediately, in line with typical

behavior in other Mac OS X and GNOME applications. This change conforms with the Apple

and GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.

*You are now able to search through Firefox's file associations for downloaded files

by program name or their file extension.

*Cookies can be searched by hostname/domain and cookie name, and are organized by

hostname in a tree format instead of a flat list.

*It is now possible to store the network cache (copies of visited webpages) and the

XUL fastload cache (precompiled user interface code) on a local disk, while keeping

the rest of the profile data on a network drive. This will increase performance and

reduce network traffic for users in a network environment.

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