che scheda audio mi consigliate per SL?


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grazie per i due link

sempre utili negozi seri in piu

anche la compatibilita con SL dovrebbe essere sicura perchè ieri sul sito della focusrite ho trovato questo argomento

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility

The following products have been tested on Snow Leopard and we have found them to have no related problems with their functionality:

All the units below were tested with the latest software available here:

Saffire LE


Saffire Pro 10

Saffire Pro 26

Saffire Pro 40

Saffire Pro 24

Saffire Pro 24 DSP

Liquid Saffire 56

Liquid Channel

Please note: with many major operating system updates, there are likely to be some bugs introduced relating to third party software and system specific factors. If you do experience problems on Snow Leopard with any of the products mentioned above, please contact us here and we will address your problem as soon as possible.

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