Apple Expo Paris 2002
di Settimio Perlini e Giuseppe De Maso Gentile

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Advertising on the metro... a Mac will be your next PC?
Outside the keynote... Palais de Congres Porte Maillot
Big poster at the expo site
Steve Jobs talks with people on the first rows just before the show...
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Let's go...
"Switch people" show their stories

The successful 17" iMac: "huge" screen a reason for appreciation
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Ipod fills a gap in your digital lifestyle
The keynote will rely almost exclusvely on software ma steve reviews all the product line.
Dual head video boards on PowerMac G4
The new PowerMac line up after NY 2002
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An invitation to old Mac OS users!
Just jump on the speed beast...
Apple is the number one Unix supplier in the world
New features in Mac OS X 10.2...
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Window collaboaration
Classic best feature
New features of Classic under Jaguar
Accessibility... Apple cares
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Apple promotes standards, work with standars not as Microsoft does
Mpeg-4 is wide accepted and a common solution for every platoform
Frank Casanova introduces the benefits of QuickTime 6
comparing AIFF and MP4 (AAC encoded) audio files

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