Titanium Bluetooth inside!
di Matteo Festorazzi e Settimio Perlini

Apple is taking some time to get a Bluetooth antenna and I/O guts inside its PowerBooks so Matteo Festorazzi couldn't wait any longer: here is his mod to get a PowerBook G4 with real Bluetooth capabilities inside and no dongle attached.

dsc_0564 Here are the 2 components that will help us to reach our goal: an USB/Bluetooth Adapter from Mitsumi and a standard USB Extension cable that will be used only for the "female" receptacle.
dsc_0566 The first step is to get rid of the lower part of Titanium chassis: with a cybertool alla the screwdrivers were taken away revealing the bottom of the PowerBook.
From left to right you can see the Optical Drive, the Hard Drive and the Battery, upon that the Airport Card
dsc_0568 Now we cut the "female" side of the USB extension, removing also the plastics that can reduce a strong connection with the USB adapter.
dsc_0569 The extension Plug and the Adapter are lining up with a constant widht that will fit a space inside the Titanium. Now we have to do the wiring to the USB port.
dsc_0571 Here' how the wiring is done the internal side of one of Titanium's USB connectors: don't take the color codes as good, each cable has his own color coding: the picture can be useful to know where the wires have to be soldered on the mainboard.
You have to use a low power tool.
dsc_0570 And here we are at the end of the installation: the extension and the USB adapter perfectly fit in the space left between the Optical Reader Box and the metal that stiffs the back of the Titanium.
No glue was used, no screws: you can remove the Bluetooth inside at any time.
The only minus is that you loose the functionality of the USB port when the adapter is connected: it is permanently used by the Bluetooth inside.

Here's the view from the upper side if you remove the keyboard.
Removing the adapter can be useful also if you have radio interferences and you want to rapidly disconnect it.


The range of Bluetooth signal, once the adapter is mounted inside the Titanium, and the case is closed, is drastically reduced from 5-6 meters to 60-70 centimeters: but it's enough to getting a t68i from SonyEricsson in sync and to get rid of IRDA connections or serial cables.

Now we have a real "Titanium Bluetooth inside!"

Do you want a better solution that works with new 1Ghz Tis and Digicom USB adapter?
Check this page
(now with in English)

Warning: don't do this at home! Especially if you're not aware of the dangers of soldering wires on your mainboard and voiding your warranty.
This mod is only a sample of what can be achieved by curious users. Don't follow any wire combination pictured here and in the linked page: the colors of USB adaptors' wirings are different from model to model.

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