iTunes Music Store in Europe: the presentation 1/3
di Fabio M. Zambelli e Settimio Perlini

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Apple presents the European version of ITMS on the banks of the Thames: here's a view of the Tower Bridge.
The Billingsgate palace shows the colors of the iPod and iTunes advertising.
On the way to Apple's Special Event
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More iPod advertising...
The ads are everywere in the UK
A coloured movie starts the event
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The well known dancing silohuettes...
...multiply and list all the bigs of the international music scene...
...also for PC users, iTunes and iPod for everybody!
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Not only music on iTunes Store but also audio books...
AirPort Express and iTunes wirelessly transfer your music in the home audio equipment.
at the end of the movie... here's Steve Jobs
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... never miss an important announcement!
the first stats: more than 85 million song bought on ITMS USA.
iTunes grows bigger and bigger...
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The 70% of the worldwide digital music market is in the hands of Apple
and all this only with the US market...
... but today is the day when they...
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... add 3 new national stores are the countries.
the countries whose consumers buy the 62% of all music in Europe
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... and the 23% of all the worldwilde market, that's why Apple started from these 3 in Europe
The Apple strategy is to beat the competitors ...
that are not Napster, Rhapsody and MusicMatch in USA
a109 a112 a113
neither the europeans: Virgin and OD2/Tiscali...
... the real competitor and enemy is Piracy
How much of the market is stolen to legal music by piracy in each country
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Here's how pirating music on the web works
If you want to have a "Good Karma" choose to buy digital music legally and confortably
One of the best feature of iTunes music
a131 a132 a133
7 CD burnable with the same playlist
you can listen to each iTMS track on 5 different computers (Mac e PC)
iTMS tracks can be downloaded on every iPod you own for personal use
a139 a140 a142
All ITMS qualities
Just one click to buy a song
...or just one click to buy an album.
a143 a149 a157
"website music store sucks" because it acts like a Jukebox
"iTunes is the best software ever for Windows"... Steve laughs
On iTMS you can find artists' biographies and their playlists
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... artists' videoclips's one: "you get the idea"!
the next chapters in the presentantion... more in the following pages together with Airport Wireless, Alicia Keys...

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