Macworld San Francisco 2004 special report
di Fabio M. Zambelli, Walter Mandorino e Settimio Perlini
Gennaio 2004

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Early morning in San Francisco: Macworld Banners are everywhere...
All the doors are still shut.
This is the entrance to the South Area
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Entrance to the North Area
The coloured iPod ad Campaign is everywhere and probably it will substited by the ads of new products after the keynote..
The Esplanade Balroom at night... this is the place where we'll attend at the Jobs SF 2004 keynote
sabballrdentro2 sabmoscw sabcablecar
Other iPod Ad on the corridors that lead to the ballroom
This is the West wing of Moscone center... used this summer for the WWDC.
But not for this Expo.

You can take a traditional bus to reach the not so distant...
sabappstosf1 sabappstosf3 sabappstosf2
AppleStore San Francisco, in a crucial point of the crowded Market Street just on the other side of Virgin Store...
The works are far from conclusion and our visit wil be posponed to 2005...
Anyway the store will open in Early 2004 and if you are visiting San Francisco next Summer you'll be able to get in this big store...

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