Face to face with the New G5
by Fabio M. Zambelli, Settimio Perlini

The first public presentation of the new G5 in Italy.

presentazscanuboger bogerwaferg5 waferg5
  The new PR of Apple Italy introduces Tom Boger (PowerMac Worldwide Product Marketing) that will show us the features of the new powerful Apple desktop.

The Apple logo on both sides is not painted but "drawn" trough the process of anodyzation applied to the whole Aluminium case.

The hearth of the new system is the well known PPC 970 renamed "G5" by Apple and IBM. Here is the wafer produced in the modern IBM factory in East Fishkill, New York
Here is a close look to the wafer: 150 64 Bits G5 chips on this discus with 130 nn copper circuitry on SOI - Silicon On Insulator.
bogerdivisorioplastica powermacg5latoapertoesotto powermacg5internoalto
Tom Boger opens the PowerMac G5 using the handle on the back (ses details later) and shows the absolute lack of flying cables on the inside.
The whole area is protected by a special trasparent panel (Tom is handling it) the allows the separated ventilation of the different areas.
If it's removed the G5 doesn't start at all.

This is the side view with the 3 different areas cooled by 9 different low velocity fans controlled by the system.
On the lower picture you can see the bottom of the computer with 4 little rubber feet. You can se also a writing "quiet" so that could be a final low noise prototype.

A semi-lateral view of the G5: with front a back sides wholly "trasparent to air" thanks to the little holes in the Aluminium.
The air that flows in this direction gets warmer and the fans turning at low speed help sending it to the back.

powermacg5internobasso powermacg5angolarepost powermacg5partistaccabili
This is the lower part of the front side with the same design for the handles that act like a foot similarly to the previous G4 models.
You can also find an hearphone plug, USB and Firewire 400 together with the power button and the little reset button..

Rounded top front, a detail of the holes: the G5 show proudly its powerful inners.
You can easily remove several internal components thanks to the easy access to the inside and the lack of screws.
If you remove the plastic side panel you can easily remove the hard drives and the two bigger fan.

harddisklevetta superdrivelevette prepostventolone
One of the two serial-ATA drives that you can mount inside on the upper sector of G5.
Take a look at the small unlocker that frees the drive for the extraction, the new small serial ata connector is easy to remove.

Also the optical drive (SuperDrive) is easily removable justi in one second: it can slide out like the hard drives without unscrewing anything.
In these 2 pictures you can take a look at the bigger internal area of the G5, the one that hosts the 2 processors and the Ram. Take also a look a the mainboard on the background.
In front of the big fans you can see the Ram (a maximum 8GB is allowed)
You can extract the 2 fans simply pulling out the gray handle, again with no screws to remove.

areapcix manigliag5sequenza powermacg5drive
This the area for the expansions, This is the AGP 8X Pro Video Board with the empy PCI
(3 @ 33 MHz 64 bit on the base model) or PCI-X slots (1 @ 100 MHz 64 bit and 2 PCI @ 133 MHz 64 bit).

This is tha ingenious hande on the back that not only opens the G5 side panel but can also secure your G5, the Ram, the PCI boards, the hard drive and even the processors from theft.
You can lock the opening using a kesington locker to insure all the precious inners of your G5.

The front panel of the optical drive now slides downward revealing a standard DVD-RW tray. It's not possible to mount two optical peripheral on the front like in the previous G4 model.
antenneg5multiplo antenneg5 presentazbourdon
On the back of PowerMac G5, on top of the infinite number of connections available you can mount (just over the Optical audio in and out connections) 2 antennas for connecting wirelessly to other devices via AirPort Extreme and/or Bluetooth. This solution is forced by the high screening power of aluminiun that would have make any internal antenna unuseful.
These are the little standard antennas that you have to mount on the back of the G5. The one for bluetooth resembles a cellular antenna and the one for Airport/Wi.Fi can be rotated in order to obtain a better polarization according to the model of portable used.
Next step: iSight and iChat AV shown (together with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Developer Preview) from Chris Bourdon (Senior Product Line Manager, Worldwide Product Manager).

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