Speciale WWDC 2003: Keynote picture by picture 1/3
by Alberto Ricci, Settimio Perlini

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Waiting for Steve...
Here he is... Apple has 300.000 bold developers
New Store in San Francisco is coming...
img_1321 img_1323 img_1326
1 Million iPods sold as of today!
5 million songs sold at Applemusic.com in 8 weeks!
After 6 months of beta Safari goes final
img_1327 img_1328 img_1329
And It's available today!
Say farewell to Jaguar... the future is...
Metal finished X: Panther!
img_1331 img_1333 img_1334
The guts of a new system.
A whole new finder: user centric instead of computer centric.
Here's how it looks!
img_1335 img_1336 img_1338
Fast searching, faster than ever
Remember your personal settings with "Action button"
Colored folders and archives, the new Finder at work!
img_1339 img_1341 img_1342
iTools: iDisk syncs with your local drive.
Exposé: easy access to the windows you want and need to use
Choose the right resource without fuzzing around
img_1344 img_1345 img_1346
Show alla windows on the desktop at the touch of a button
Lost or Theft Notebooks?
The solution is FileVault: encrypts e decrypts your home folder on the fly .
img_1348 img_1349 img_1350
A new button in all print dialogs...
... built in fax software let's you print anithing to the modem
A new codec for hi quality 48 bit - no artifacts video: Pixlet

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