tThe iPod first public Appearance: Special Report 1/2

Fabio Zambelli - Settimio Perlini

It's the first time out on the street for the iPod here in Italy, well, not exactly on the street, but inside a trendy Cafe in Milan where the people from Apple Italy showed the device to a selection of journalists.

Here it is: tiny, compact, call it as you like but it looks smaller than we imagined.
The external look is really astonishing: exactly what you may desire from Apple designers.

Lorenzo Sangalli, Product manager of Apple Italia shows the new device.



The interaction with iTunes 2 is simply astonishing... connect it and you're ready to manage every song or playlist in your Mac and in your iPod. No problem with synchronizations and you can choose also a manual mode.

This is the top: only 2 connections and a button: Firewire (6 poles to transfer music and files, and to charge the internal battery), headphone jack for connecting to the included high quality headphones or an amplifier and Hold button to make all the other buttons inactive so they can't be pressed accidentally.

The special Jog: to browse items in the playlists or to adjust volume: at the center you can find the enter button for selecting items inside menus.All around you can find the control buttons for rewinding and forwarding, Play, pause, switch on and off the iPod: the upper one is for menu selection and (dis)activation of screen backlight

Another view from the top

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