The iPod first public Appearance: Special Report 2/2

Fabio Zambelli - Settimio Perlini

Other pictures and the Easter Egg... play Breakout with iPod!

Another view from the top

The back of iPod with the shiny metal look that's reflecting the black surfaces around.

Switching on: the display is crispy and contrasted... too bad our flash lamp doesn't allow a correct appreciation.

The bevels on the top and screen in playback mode with all the informations on your track.

iPod easter Egg!
Even inside a little device like iPod you can discover a surprise!
Keep the button in the center of Jog pressed for more than few second and you'll start with an old fashioned game that has a lot in common with Apple's history: Breakout!
There you go! You can use the jog to move the racket and play while you listen to your favourite songs and even in dark room thanks to the backlighted LCD.

Bob Levitus add an importat note: we forgot to tell that you must be in the About screen when holding down the menu button to find the Easter Egg

The real brick! The iPod can be powered or recharged by this little white brick connected to the power surge with an interchangeable plug. The connection to the iPod is obtained by the included 6 poles Firewire Cable

Another view of the brick

Here is the box. Simple, minimal, in the classic Apple Style.

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