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Saturday 24th, 2004: a special event at the largest italian and european Apple Museum

As you may probably know, TheAppleMuseum web site is a large collection of informations on Apple’s history, products, codenames and curiosities and has been translated recently in portoguese and italian, just in time for the 20 years of the Mac launch.

AllAboutApple, the name of a region based AMUG in Liguria, Italy has estabilished one of the most complete Apple “real” museums all around Italy and Europe with more than 100 Mac (and Apple I/II/III) models perfectly running software of every Macintosh era.

The local authorities at Savona, Liguria are preparing a special location for this collection so that visitors can come and take a look at the huge collection made of computers, printed ads, accessories, all that Apple produced in more than 25 years of activity.

The collection is the result of the donation of a local Apple Store that was closing activity followed by personal donations of single users all around Italy who considered the AllAboutApple museum a good place to mantain and preserve rare material e the object of their technological passion.

MacityNet will link the pages of AppleMuseum to the ones of AllAboutApple web site so that visitors can check the history, the specs and the “real” pictures of the many Mac availble in the museum.

A special event for this announcement, a visit to the large collection with speeches from the musuem creators and MacityNet editors is programmed for tomorrow, Saturday 24 in the noon at the AllaboutApple current site, a large private mansion in Quiliano (Savona) in via Viarzo 29.

Take a look at AppleMuseum – Italian version on these page or make a virtual visit to All About Apple collection starting from this page .

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