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Upcoming EyeTV software supports Pay-per-view CAMs on USB common interfaces

Macitynet has tested the upcoming version of EyeTV software, named 3.0.2 with the new released Common Interface on USB by Terratec.
The new version of the software by Elgato (used in full version also by Terratec’s receivers) allows the Mac cpus to recognize the USB interface and to get its services for the visualization and recording of encrypted Movies, Sport events, and TV shows.
To achieve the result you new a CAM module with Irdeto, Nagravision (or whatelse) encription protocols and, obviously a prepaid card from a local broadcaster.

The new software works also with USB Digital Satellite Receivers without common Interface like Terratec Cinergy S in combination with Cinergy CI.

Macitynet has tested the combination with different italian (with digital terrestrial broadcasts) and international operators (with satellite broadcasts).
Special bundles with TV tuners, Cinergy CI USB and Cams are expected in the next week in countries like Netherland and in Northern Europe.

As for Italy, the SmarDTV CAM that is necessary for reading pay-per-view cards will be sold at least in the first months only in bundles with new TV sets and this will probably launch an “alternative market” on Ebay.

Check the pictures and the screenshots starting from this page and this page on Macitynet.

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