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How to receive MacWorld SF2002 Keynote by satellite in Europe

Apple will broadcast the Steve Job’s keynote on Monday at 18 GMT but it would be difficult to receive the feed as it was in the last occasions. The trasmission will be done on little known (as we can say for south Europe) satellite: NSS-K at 21.5° West.
Thanks to the help from some of our readers we can give more informations tah that could be useful for the people for some experience and an advanced receiver.
Claudio Braga notes that the footprint of of NSS-K satellite on Europe, even if majorly weighted on France could be good enough for countries in southern position.
If you have a standard receiver like the one GoldBox used for Canal Plus in France or Tele+ in Italy you are out of luck: no way to tune the transimssion.
More lucky will be the owner of a well equipped receiver like the Nokia Mediamaster, Nokia 9800s or Humax irc 5400 – as Luca Spagnoli told us: you need e motorized dish (90 CM diameter is best for southern european countries) too unless you (or a expert technician) can orient it for the short time of the keynote.
If you want to do it by yourself you need a Field Analyzer turning your dish from it current position (if it’s pointed to 13 o 16 or 19 degrees east) to the left from behind and lowering its aim.
If the dish was oriented on HotBird it has to be tunrned of about 45 degrees. If you would be so lucky to center the satellite you could see three unscrambled channels with this names: Channel 1 – Cnannel 2 ‘€“ Channel 3 with color bars on the top and a writing on the bottom with
“GLOBECAST NY” You can see more informations on sites like Lyngsat (sat-tracker)

Here are the essential data for the satellite transimission.
Satellite: NSSK
Channel: 2 MCPC
Frequency: 11 59150
Polarity: vertical
FEC: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 20.1500
Standard: PAL
Encoding PowerVu

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