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I’ve found my friends in Cupertino…

Imagine you’ve told your friends making a tour in Silicon Valley, in one of the places you’ve always dreamed to be, to bring you back a special souvenir from Apple Company Store in Cupertino.

Imagine the possibility to have the products portrayed in picture or movies sent via email and to have the possibility to choose what to buy and mail back your choice to the friends….

Even better imagine to have a live view inside the store thanks to a PowerBook, iChat AV and iSight and a wireless connection.
That’s what we did monday evening sitting in our confortable couch in central Italy and AV-chatting with MacityNet staff who was visiting Apple in the noon.

We had the occasion to make some conversation and even better to choose our personal souvenir poking around t-shirts of any color, mugs, and computer accessories of any kind.

The combination of iChat AV and a wireless connection can do this kind of things that we old Apple II fellows could call a “miracle” 20 years ago.

What was amazing was the quality of the live shots, far better that the minimal screen you can use with a cellular phone with video capabilities and with the capability to communicate not also with voice and live video but also sending list prices to confront and sending istant screenshots to other iChatters who were connected with us.
And all this without spending one more penny on our standard dsl connection and at thousands kilometers away.

Obviously you can apply this to less touristic o apple-maniac examples like the discussion of an architectural project, the pre-production work on some machinery, a medical consult among hospital’s aisles.

Here it is, if we could receive a good present from Apple, a drastic evolution of its iPod, we would like to perfection this dream to come true: a sort of combination between iPod and iSigh, with wireless capabilities. You could carry in your pocket this compact communication tool that at the moment needs a little cute PowerBook or iBook 12″ (that’s oversized in confront of a pocket) and an iSight sitting on top.

An iPod with live camera and Wi-Fi (or Airport) connection could be the communicator of the future, without the need of competing with Nokia or Sony Ericsson cellular products: a peripheral for the Mac or a toy to make you buy more Macs because of the intercommunication between the two.
It could send video and audio, stream music to and from a Mac wirelessly also on long distances.


Sure it wouldn’t be among this Expo announces but it would be an evolution of Apple’s devices, a new way to embrace audio, video and wireless.

(the screenshot below is taken from the live visit at Apple CompanyStore in Cupertino as viewed with an iSight mounted on a PB 15″ with a wireless connection from San Franscisco side and a PB 15″ with wireless local connection to standard ADSL in Italy)

I’ve found my friends in Cupertino…

See you after 11’o’clock (SF time for a Keynote gallery and pictures from the showfloor), an announce of an iPod/Sight would be impossible at the moment, but there will be many other news…

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