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Apple iChat Agent: searching for online sales helper

Macity has discovered an interesting announcement from Apple’s Job opportunities page.

Reading trough the announcement we learn that Apple is looking for someone: “to provide our customers with a superb customer experience by providing them (while they are on-line) with the option of helping them to navigate our website, answer any questions they have and assist them in placing their order. This is done, not by telephone, but by using a chat service similar to e-mail except the communication is instant. The Chat Agent will offer a pre-sales consultation providing expert advice to customers on all Apple products and third party products”

In practical terms the service is similar to the one already available for some kind of products (iPod shuffle and iMac) on the US market: in that case we have a support for troubled customers, in this case we have someone who helps us buying Apple products.
The other difference is that with the current “push to talk” service you have to use a web page, instead the new service could be accomplished with the more rich experience that iChat (especially on Leopard) can offer with “live” iChat Teather and more.

Last but not least the service could be offered in localized versions and not only in English like happens today.

The offer we are mentioning, even if is launched from Cork (the headquarter of Apple support in Europe), is directed to the German Market and there is no sign of any other language spoken (English and French is requirend only for written knowledge): it looks strange that Apple could develop this kind of service only for Germany: probably the iChat vendor support could be introduced gradually also in UK and in France e then in other European countries.

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