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D-Link is late? Try Mitsumi Bluetooth with your Mac

Mitsumi is delivering in good quantities (as we knew from an Italian distributor, Aesse Periferiche) its BluetoothTM USB Adaptor WIF-0402C with Logo for BluetoothTM Ver.1.1 Class2 certification (20 Mt range), Announced on November 7, 2001.

The Adaptor is reported working with Windows sustems (Windows98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000) featuring hot plug-in and being bus powererd.

The form factor is the same as D-link’s adaptor and so, as far as we can see, the features.

Here are the specifications:
– Bluetooth chip: 1-chip CMOS process with integrated RF + base band (made by CSR)
– Standard certification: FCC Part 15-205, 209, 247 (all pending) ETS300-328 (pending), 300-826 ARIB STD-T66, JATE
– Wireless frequency range: 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
– Modulation: FHSS/GFSK, 1Mbps, 1600hop/sec.
– Data transmission speed: 723.2k/57.6kbps (asymmetrical,max.) 433.9kbps (symmetrical,max.)
– Transmission power: 0dm(Bluetooth TX power class 2)
– Protocol: Bluetooth host controller, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM
– Current consumption: 80mA
– Weight: 9g
– External dimensions: 60.2 x 19.4 x 7.8mm

Marco Muccetti, a MacityNet reader and early adopter of hi-tech gizmoes, wanted to give a try to the product and see if it would work without problems in combination with Apple Bluetooth Preview Software version 2.
After the installation of the last version of the software under Mac OS X, he simply plugged the adaptor on his Mac’s USB port and tried to establish a connection with a New 6310 Nokia Cellular Phone (with GSM and GPRS capabilities).
The main problem with new generation GRPS cellular phones is the connection script: Mr. Muccetti tried our Ericsson GPRS script that was written to work with TIM (the major cellular connectivity provider in Italy): just as magic: the Ericsson Script worked with Nokia too providing wireless ftp transfers up to 3.8 Kbyte/sec.
The speed limitation is only on the current GPRS technology that adds 3 or more phone channels at 9600 baud: bluetooth itself can transfer files faster from device to device.

The Mitsumi adaptor seems to be on the market NOW and with a price that’s higher but no so far from D-Links’ one: 80 Euro plus VAT.
The cost is lower than TDK bluetooth adapter and the smaller size can be a choice factor for carrying the tiny wireless bridge always in your pocket to provide a route to Internet connection with your cellular phone.

As we said the Italian distributor of the Mitsumi Adaptor has good quantity of the product and Mitsumi itself seems to be in the condition to fullfil higher market requests.
Maybe Cupertino could give them a phone call!

If you want more information from Mitusmi please visit their BlueTooth Adaptor Web page.
In Italy you can contact Mr. Rusciano at Aesse Periferiche in Milan.

[update: check the pictures of the adapter at work with a Nokia 6310 and a PowerBook Ti on this page

If you want to connect your Mac to cellullar phones with different accessories check our Mac/Cell Phone matrix on
this page >>.

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