Apple Store Rome: new rewards for the opening

Apple updated the page reserved to the opening of Apple Store in Rome: you could win a a special package with a black MacBook, iPod and other goodies and 10 Pro Care packages.

1.000 thousand T-shirts, 10 Pro Care packages and a special package with black MacBook, Apple Pro Care, iPod nano 4 GB silver, Hi-Pod hi-fi, iWork, .Mac: this reward could be your if you attend at the opening of the first continental Apple Store in Europe, saturday, te 31st of March in Rome.

Apple has recently update his retail information page with the new rewards and the news about the upcoming seminars that will be held at the Apple Store once opened: the shop will offer special seminars for young people and families on music, photo and video with iLife applications.

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that will have some special surprise for the opening attenders too…