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Keycorporate: a dynamic filter for web access under Mac OS X

Gestweb, a dynamic italian developer,, announced the release of it’s Keycorporare/Keystudent solution of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server (version 10.x) at Apple Expo 2002 in Paris, September 10 – 14

The first product of what they call “Dynamic Filter revolution” was conceived for children in the 1998 with ChildKey technology (www.childkey.org); In early 2002 Gestweb released the first version of Keycorporate running on any Java platform (Solaris, Linux) and now they are the first to give such solution for a Mac platform.

Whit this new version Keycorporate/Keystudent introduces a new powerful engine for Dynamic Filtering and new features such as more cathegories and graphical statistic, runs on any Mac OS X & Mac OS X Server v10.x platform; and Xserve is recommended.

Keycorporate can enable organizations to manage and optimise employee Internet use in the workplace, libraries and schools by combining Internet Content Filtering and Access Management in a server-based product.
It provides an advanced and comprehensive solution to organizations’ needs to ensure compliance with their Internet usage policies. Filter the type of Web site being requested, the usage time during the day, who is requesting the site, and the organization’s usage policies (e.g. whether to permit, block, manage the user’s request) are some of the main features of the software.
The easy access to administration tools and the ability to create groups of users and sub-administrators could result of great easy of use even to newcomers of access control.

For more informations visit GestWeb at the Expo or take a look at their web sites:

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