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iPhone and iOS4: a bug can make your SMS cost more than double


A new and unknown bug, untill now at least, can make your SMS cost more than double if you use an iPhone with iOS 4. The problem is best visible with the character count activated: just go in Settings, Messeges and activate the Character Count, the last option at the bottom of the screen.

Now try to type in a new SMS message: the character count starts to show the total length of your message after you typed in about 20-25 characters. 

If you type capital È (keep the finger pressed on the letter “e” to show all the variants) you can see that the maximum length of the message will be cut in less than half: from the standard 160 characters to only 70 characters. This is a big problem for those who live in Italy, France or in any other country where È is commonly used. This bug was discovered thanks to a mail from our reader Maurizio Rossi: hope is that Apple will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile to avoid extra cost for your SMS the best way is to activate the Character Count and do not use È. You can still use all the standard SMS length typing alternatives such as è, or with e’.

iPhone SMS bugiPhone SMS bug

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